Neckargemünd - Discover the Old Town


Note on data services:

The application is stored on the Internet and establishes a mobile Internet connection, charges on the costs. The use of the application is recommended only when a flat-rate Internet is available. Whether you have one, you can refer to your mobile phone contract. BYTE XXL.COM assumes no liability for fees incurred by the use of the application.

Sign declarations:

InfoClick on the icon with this label to get the information for that attraction. The number in red circle indicates the point of interest in the map and they correspond to the value in the map.

GPSClick on the icon with this label to identify points of interest in your area. The location services of your mobile phone must be entered by allowing the browser to access it. The feature appears only if the Internet browser on your mobile phone supports the position determination using the browser.

noGPSClick on the icon with this label to see all the points of interest without using the location services of your mobile phone.


What does the message "use current location" mean?
Your phone will ask whether it is allowed to use your current position for the application.

Will my location data be transmitted or stored?
Your location information will be used only within your mobile phone for the presentation of your site. There is no transmission or storage of your position data by this application.

Are there additional fees by using the application?
When using the application the normal data transfer charges that you pay for data services on the Internet accrue.